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52 tips for being magnetically attractive in business
For introverts and everyone else!

You’re a talented professional or solopreneur who knows that if just given the chance, you could save the world AND be ridiculously profitable.

The Problem?

Every time you make a business first impression, you swing and miss, never really getting to the second impression (you know, where you sit down, really shine your value, and earn a new client!)

It's as if you're lost in the sea of sameness... same networking, same scripts, same smile and nod from each prospect - never to be heard from again. Oh, and the same lackluster results.

And you've finally realized that you can't afford another failed marketing funnel, gimmick, or promise, and you really can't afford to give up. Not now.

Stop Sign

Stop acting professional when your future clients are dying for authenticity.

Stop trying to FIT into your industry when you should be RISING above the crowd.

Stop selling -- convincing, begging, and chasing -- when you should be magnetically attracting.

There’s a better way to attract new clients…and it’s in YOU.

It’s not in your product or service.

YOU are the only unique differentiator in your business (sorry, tough love time) and YOU are what your clients buy first.
Every. Single. Time.

We’ll bring your humanity back to your business so you can bring profitability back to your life.

You got the courage to dig a little deeper?

Josh Zepess

It’s a dagger to my soul each time I see a dedicated professional with a heart and business of gold unable to get the time of day from their perfect prospect. Well, no more.

I’m Josh. I spent 30 years being a shy, introverted engineer-turned-entrepreneur hiding my light - my genius, talents, and value - and obeying someone else's rules. A few wake-up calls later, I realized that this path was not going to work out. So I escaped.

In business, I'm known as the Identity Archaeologist. On the surface, it just means I have no competition (not a bad place to be in business!).

But really, it's my process of digging into a person with questions, breaking through all the caked on, baked on bullshit we're told growing up, and finding their uniqueness - that treasure inside - and bringing it to the surface and polishing it and refining it until it shines so bright, people come from thousands of miles to see it.

If this sounds like the end of selling and the beginning of being paid what you're truly worth, well, you're right.

That's why I’m bringing humanity back to business. Not just because it's more profitable, but also because it's the right thing to do.

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What Are They Saying? Ask Deb.

Deb is amazing. 

Not only is she on a mission to help people L.I.V.E. with cancer, but she does it by example, with more life and energy than people that don't have cancer.

I was extremely honored and grateful to have been able to help her clarify and articulate such a powerful message to the world.

Please stop by and see the amazing things she's doing:

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