The Lighthouse Effect

How To Shine Above The Sea Of Sameness In Your Industry And Make Every Business First Impression More Productive And Profitable.

Skip The Marketing!

Simplify Your Funnel by Attracting the Right Prospects and Converting More of Them into High-End Coaching Clients

You’re a talented professional or solopreneur who knows that if just given the chance, you could save the world AND be ridiculously profitable.

The problem?

Every time you make a business first impression, you swing and miss, never really getting to the second impression (you know, where you sit down, really shine your value, and earn a new client!)

It's as if you're lost in the sea of sameness... same networking, same scripts, same smile and nod from each prospect - never to be heard from again. Oh, and the same lackluster results.

And you've finally realized that you can't afford another failed marketing funnel, gimmick, or promise, and you really can't afford to give up.

Stop Sign

Stop acting professional when your future clients are dying for authenticity.

Stop trying to FIT into your industry when you should be RISING above the crowd.

Stop selling -- convincing, begging, and chasing -- when you should be sharing and profiting.

There’s a better way to attract new clients…and it’s in YOU.

It’s not in your product or service.

YOU are the only unique differentiator in your business (sorry, tough love time) and YOU are what your clients buy first.
Every. Single. Time.

We’ll bring your humanity back to your business so you can bring profitability back to your life.

You got the courage to dig a little deeper?

Josh Zepess

It’s a dagger to my soul each time I see a dedicated professional with a heart and business of gold unable to get the time of day from their perfect prospect. Well, no more.

I’m Josh. My genius is digging up the deepest value within you, dusting off all the caked-on bullshit you were told about not being good enough, and refining and polishing your inner treasure until it shines so bright, people are compelled to come take a look.

That’s why I’m the Identity Archaeologist. My 30 years of being a shy, introverted engineer-turned-entrepreneur has taught me incredible lessons that I now want to share with you.

I’m bringing humanity and profits back to business and I’m not leaving anyone behind.

Read My Story

"Josh’s enthusiasm and his abrasive honesty rocked me to my core. His tenacity and ability to make me stand up for what I truly want was life changing. For the first time in a long time I had someone meeting me at my level and holding me accountable."
Jackie V.
"I gotta admit, you seem to breaking the matrix with what you are teaching. It is completely different from what I have been learning. And, honestly,  your approach reflects more of who I naturally am.
I have been burned so many times by "experts" and business leaders that I started to think that maybe friendship and business should be separate. I treated people like friends who did business together, and people treated me like a prospect/lead who is sometimes a friend.
I appreciate you and your teachings."
Felice M.