What if it wasn’t too late, you weren’t too tired, and it wasn’t impossible?

Don’t waste the lessons of a life survived by not using them to design a life worth living.

 Imagine you had the keys to the DeLorean, the time machine that could take you back in time and visit your old self.  What would you say to you when you got there? What piece of wisdom or golden nugget would you plant?  

Maybe you’d warn yourself against dating that idiot or give yourself a big stock tip.  All good. Remember, though, that the superficial doesn’t last long without the foundation.  Over 70 percent of lottery winners are broke within 5 years because they received the fruits without planting the seeds.

So if we are willing to dig a bit deeper and give ourselves a foundation of success, we could equip ourselves with the necessary ingredients to become the person worthy of success. And that’s invaluable.

Here are the 5 tips, or pieces of wisdom that I would bestow on myself if given the chance.

1. Don’t listen to broke people on how to become wealthy

This piece of advice has nothing to do with money.  It has everything to do with following competent advice, not just that of our loved ones.  We have a bad habit of blindly trusting people who we love and care about, regardless of their success or expertise in such topics.

If we take familiarity out of the equation, would we trust them on all matters or only those where they have expertise?  Surely you wouldn’t ask your car mechanic on how to perform a root canal…or your dentist on how to fix a transmission!  

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