It’s as true in business as it is in life.

You may not have full clarity on your personal brand (yet), but there’s no doubt that you make tens to thousands of First Impressions every single day.  It might be someone stopping by your website, looking at your social media profile, or getting an email from you about the next event.

The question isn’t whether you’re making impressions, it’s how effective are they in getting your audience compelled to learn more and take action.

The real crime is that too many good folks don’t get a FIRST chance to make a SECOND impression.

(where you get to shine your value and earn a new client!)

No more shooting blanks

If you’re a professional or solopreneur who lives or dies on networking, marketing, or presenting, then you cannot afford to spend countless amounts of time, energy, and money getting in front of your prospects and getting little to nothing in return.

It’s time to raise your ROC – Return On Conversation – so you can get out of the grind of sales and into the flow of connection.

Get the critical feedback and suggestions you need to raise the level of your Business First Impressions and compel your perfect prospects into the next conversation – the one where they become your client.

The Benefits Of The Assessment

  • Check Your Intentions ► Make sure you’re really saying what you intend to say.
  • Get Clear ► Discover new levels of clarity in how you present yourself.
  • Become Attractive ► Transform your informative and logical diatribe into a persuasive and compelling message.
  • Drop The Ego ► Learn how to shine without bragging (even without humble bragging!)
  • Stop Selling ► Find ways to share value and you’ll never have to chase, beg, or hope for clients again.

How it works:

  1. Fill out the BFI intake form (below, or order and be redirected back here.)
  2. Send/upload/link to one or two First Impressions (email, website, social media, pitch, etc.) to be reviewed.
  3. Josh will send you a video of his assessment and how to upgrade your message immediately.
  4. You may schedule a 20-minute live follow up call for any questions and additional help.
  5. Smile with confidence at the results and begin to change your conversations.

$197 for one First Impression Upgrade.
$297 for two First Impression Upgrades.

No Risk: The entire cost of your BFI upgrade will be discounted from the cost of any other service!
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