...and so does failure.

I've been blessed to have mentors and coaches

Always been intrigued by what successful people do differently than the rest of us.  They weren't born with a success gene necessarily, or always came from great families or communities.  What was that one common thread?  What do they know that the rest of us are tryong to figure out?

If you want to earn a million dollars, you must first become a millionaire



Interestingly, that's not true.

Not everyone needs a coach.  Only those that wish to perform at the next level, grow one step closer to the person they're capable of being, and ensure that they never replace a full and meaningful life with mere existence.


Coaches can see the bigger picture.

It's hard to see the picture when you're always in the frame.  Savvy coaches can shine the light in our blind spots so we can see things from a new (and more honest) perspective.

Coaches can challenge us.

A great coach can see potential in us that we don't.  They can push us to that potential where we otherwise might excuse ourselves from even trying.

Coaches have expertise and wisdom.

Diversity is strength.  A good coach will share their expertise and wisdom on things that may not be our strong suit.  This consult or advice can be priceless in important situations.

Coaches hold us accountable.

We'll be the first ones to let ourselves down.  We need someone friendly, who's not a friend, that will make sure we keep our word to ourselves and others.

Coaches offer positive reinforcement.

In doing anything worthwhile, there will times of doubt, fear, and struggle.  That's natural.  Having a coach that will share the right word at the right time may be the difference between progress and stagnation.

Coaches keep us in alignment.

A smart coach will always start with the end in mind...our purpose, mission, values, stand, etc.  When we stray from these, we induce stress, fear, and worry.  Coaches can help keep us true to ourselves and our purpose, especially in the chaos of life and business.

This is my most intimate offering, working hand-in-hand to take you to the next level so that your business and life may follow suit.

I cannot work with everyone and everyone should not work with me.

I'm not going to hit you with a 30-page interview questionnaire.  Just three questions to determine if we should have a discussion about working together.