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Welcome To The Micro Brand Attraction Program


Instead of using borrowed scripts, freezing-cold calls, and costly marketing, imagine…

…authentically attracting your best clients in every networking or social setting.

…walking and talking with the confidence and conviction that turns heads and sets appointments.

…losing your fear of public speaking and leveraging the power of presentation.


What you get:

🎯 Weekly workshops and Micro Group Mastermind.

🎯 Your Brand Core Assets – Purpose, Mission, Vision, etc.

🎯 Your powerful story

🎯 Your unique and compelling answer to “What do you do?”

🎯 Your networking flow (no scripts here!)

🎯 Champions Mindset and Goal Crushing Plan

🎯 Private FB Group access for life

🎯 BONUS:  The Killer Presentation Flow!



Program Details:

🔥 Eight (8) weeks of online meetings (one per week) where we get down and dirty, interactive, and productive.  Meetings are recorded and posted in your portal for later access.

🔥 Videos and worksheets to help prepare for and review each topic we cover, accessible through your portal.

🔥 Private FB group has weekly trainings on various topics from business development (branding, marketing, sales, closing, objections, etc.) to personal development (mindset, goal crushing, emotional intelligence, etc.)

🔥 Includes one (1) 30-minute 1-on-1 with Josh that can be used any time and for any topic.

🔥 Each MBA Mastermind group is limited to no more than 8 people to ensure everyone has personal attention and support from Josh and the other members.

🔥 Full cost of this program can be applied (as a discount) to any concierge branding package in the future. (That’s right.  If you decide to elevate your journey, this program is essentially free!)