Become The Person Worthy Of Never

Having To Overcome An Objection Ever Again.


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Hey Talented Professionals and Solopreneurs...

🤢 Is there an objection (or ten) blocking the path from every business first impression to new client?

🤢 Are you deathly afraid of objections, and find that trying to overcome them makes more problems than clients?

🤢 Have you ever thought there must be a better way to be open, honest, and still outsell everyone around you?


Great, then you're in the right place!


Look, I get it.  


You're tired. 

Tired of getting shot at by every prospect.

Tired of being sold magic techniques on how to "dodge bullets."

Tired of the grind of sales - and not sure it's worth it anymore.


Don't hang up on yourself yet.  There is a path beyond the technique, outside of scripts and clever tricks.  Where you become the person worthy of sales, clients, and success.  

This Is Why I'm Sharing
Objectionless Selling.

This course has one goal with two paths.

Our goal is to increase your ROC (Return On Conversation) so that you can work as hard as you're already working, but with better (and more profitable) results.


Path 1Learn to overcome any objection.  This is changing little more than your technique and script to give you the opportunity to move past the most common objections and help a client with your product or service.

Path 2: Learn what it takes to become a person worthy of simple, objection-free sales.  This is diving deeper into why you creating objections - yes, you are.  And those who think they aren't creating all the objections in their business need this course the most.

What You'll Experience

Whichever path you choose, know that you will leave this course ready to face the new reality that objections are not scary, scripts are tools (not magic pills), and that business can be as simple and obvious as you always expected it to be.

Meet you at the top.


This Is For...

...the caring and talented professional, such as financial advisors, insurance agents, realtors, coaches, consultants, network marketers, and independent contractors, who are sick and tired of the old-school sales process of chasing, begging, and convincing only to find that they are thwarted every time by inauthentic objections.

Are You Ready To Eliminate Objections From Your Sales Process?


Your One-Time Investment



I'm Josh.

I didn't belong in the financial industry. 

But there I was.  I had just left a 20-year engineering career earning multiple six figures and I was clueless in the real world  I was afraid of what others thought of me, shy and introverted, and hated sales with a passion.   I was literally a recipe for disaster in an industry notorious for chewing people like me up and sending us back to our corporate cubicle.

The only thing I despised more than sales was going back to a job where I had no control.  So I had to make it work.  And I did.

I grew multiple agencies and became one of the top leadership and sales trainers in my company.  I saw many people come and go, but never was there a correlation between talent/pedigree/education and success.  The more letters after their name seemed to do nothing except make them more arrogant.

And then it hit me.  The one factor that was 100% correlated to success was likeability (assuming a base level of competence as well.)  It was time to shine.

I ended up leaving the industry to follow my passion and genius for helping others get out of their own way and let their real self come through.  If people buy you first, your product second, then most people are selling the wrong thing!

My heart genuinely goes out to all my professional sisters and brothers who came into their industry with great intentions like me and now feel stuck, afraid, or just plain lost.  It's time to shine!

Still with me? 
Good, here's a small secret:

People Buy You First, Your Product Second.

So which are you selling?

Once your prospect likes you, the sale is 80% closed already. And when you don't have to sell, there's nothing to object to.

It has always been (and still is) up to you. 🏆