Are you finally ready to shine above the noise and attract your perfect client?

Hey talented professionals and solopreneurs…

♥ If you like spending countless hours networking and socializing only to get the “smile and nod” without the true connection and follow-up…

♥ If you enjoy donating thousands of dollars to marketing gimmicks, ads, and funnels that get all the wrong people in front of you…

♥ If you love the grind of sales where you get to be anything but yourself as you chase, convince, and beg prospects for their business…

Then stop reading here.  I’ve got nothing for you but well wishes on your journey!

If being more human AND more profitable is of interest, keep reading.

WHAT are you selling?

Be honest.

What are you talking about the majority of your time?  How great your product/service is?  Its features and benefits? Your title, education, and background?

How has the “Infomercial” approach been working out for you?

Don’t feel bad if they forgot to mention this in school, but people always decide on YOU first before they even know or care about your product/service.

This means that if they don’t buy you first, they won’t touch your product/service – no matter how great it is or how much they need it.

WHY are you selling?

If selling for you is about just making money, then go enjoy the grind.  You don’t need to care about anyone else but yourself as you crunch through “the numbers.”

However, if you truly care about the value you bring and the service you provide to others, then let them know – and in no uncertain terms.

People are dying for authenticity.  They want to know why you care about what you do, why you care about them, and that you can empathize with where they are in their own journey.

If not, you’re just another salesperson to dismiss.

HOW are you selling?

It’s logical, right?  You have a better product than the rest (who doesn’t think that) and that is why your prospect will choose you over anyone else.  It makes sense — if you’re a robot.

We are all emotional creatures, even the most introverted and nerdy of us (like me!)

If you don’t get to the heart of the matter (literally) about what a person truly desires, you will have little chance of helping them with your product/service.

Yes, this means the only thing you should be selling is the problem they face.  After that, it’s simply offering the solution.

There is only one thing separating your business from the competition and your profits from your bank account.


(Your Personal Brand)

What is a personal brand?

It’s the gut feeling someone gets the moment you walk into a room.  It’s what you say, and especially, what you don’t say. It’s the confidence and conviction that comes from knowing exactly why you get out of bed each morning and the courage to unabashedly share it with the world.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s the clarity that will guide you in every personal and business decision you will ever make, like a foundational north star, ensuring you live a life aligned with true happiness, a stream of success, and ultimate freedom.

The 3 Biggest Benefits Of A Personal Brand

Raise your RoC

Get paid for simply being yourself.

Build the conviction needed to become unstoppable.

Clarity for you
This is your guiding, foundational document.  Your constitution.  The framework of brand assets from which any message or copy can flow.

✪ Personal Elements that provide clarity to you:
– Genius/Skills/Passions Assessment
– Purpose Statement
– Mission Statement
– Vision Statement

✪ Brand Elements that bring clarity to your audience:
– Brand Story
– Brand Promise
– Brand Identity
– Brand Values
– Brand Voice and Personality
– Brand Positioning and UVP

✪ Your ideal client avatar that will draw the right people into your life and business.

Done-For-You Concierge Consulting $4997

Clarity for others
This is how to apply and articulate all of your brand assets into persuasive and compelling copy and messaging, whether it be 1-on-1 or 1-on-1 million.

Articulation is ability to transfer what’s in your mind to the minds of others so that they can experience every aspect of you and your brand, even without you saying a word.

✪ Your Compelling First Impressions:
– “What do you do?” answer
– 60 second networking flow

✪ Your Signature Talk – a 20-30 minute educational and persuasive talk that positions you as the expert in your field and drives people crazy to connect with you.

✪ Your super-bio or logline that sells you and your service like a Hollywood blockbuster.

✪ An E/I ratio (emotive vs. informative) flow from first impression to new client.

Done-For-You Concierge Consulting $4997

Clarity on your offer
In a world where everything is monetizable, it’s no longer enough to look at business through analytical lens.  Here is where you will create the right service for your ideal client (regardless of cost, effort, or resources) and use this signature service as a guide for all other offerings.

It will not only position you uniquely, but it will allow clients to stay with you for as long as they like.

✪ A defined signature service that brings your uniqueness to an otherwise undifferentiated commodity to increase the value of your offering and to render it unduplicatable.
– Unleash your Golden Intersection of passion, expertise, and genius.
– Create the right offer for your client.
– Break down the right offer into entry-level offerings.
– Create a micro-brand for your entire suite of offers that is in alignment with your personal brand.

✪ The Lead Magnet – How to craft a free offer that will build your list of prospects quickly.

✪ Professional sales coaching – Closer’s College that will teach you the basic of closing any sale.

Done-For-You Concierge Consulting $4997

"Josh’s enthusiasm and his abrasive honesty rocked me to my core. His tenacity and ability to make me stand up for what I truly want was life changing. For the first time in a long time I had someone meeting me at my level and holding me accountable."
Jackie V.
"I gotta admit, you seem to breaking the matrix with what you are teaching. It is completely different from what I have been learning. And, honestly,  your approach reflects more of who I naturally am.
I have been burned so many times by "experts" and business leaders that I started to think that maybe friendship and business should be separate. I treated people like friends who did business together, and people treated me like a prospect/lead who is sometimes a friend.
I appreciate you and your teachings."
Felice M.

Consulting Options

Done-With-You Consulting: Take advantage of 2 to 24 powerful hours 1-on-1 with us over the course of several weeks to help you fast-track your results.  A lot of accountability mixed with lots of ideation, creation, and inspiration.  More flexible in how our time is used, with more required hands-on work by you.

  1. First session is create specific deliverables and our plan of action (this meeting doesn’t count towards your package.)
  2. You work offline on specific tasks, skills, and to create your assets with help from video and worksheet guides.
  3. We use our time together to refine the works you’ve done, ideate, and prepare for the results ahead.

If you put in the required offline work, I am happy to guarantee that we get the right results within the dedicated number of sessions – or we’ll keep working together.


The 3 course follow a natural progression from Brand Manifesto to Compelling First Impression to Signature Service. If you are starting with anything less than 100% clarity on your brand, the Brand Manifesto would be the place to start.

That said, any course can be effective as a standalone as well, especially with one of the consulting options to allow us to guide you.

Any questions, please reach out to us first.
All consulting is 1-on-1 and scheduled by you to ensure the time is convenient to both of us. While each session may be used to access any of our knowledge, expertise, or wisdom on any topic, we recommend setting specific goals/tasks/creations to focus on during the call.

The number one goal of any consulting package is to help you get across the finish line during the time allotted. If you want 100% results based consulting (no time constraint), be sure to choose the Concierge Consulting option.
Yes...though possibly not on your schedule.

Look, the transformation you will achieve will, over time, raise your confidence and conviction. This is truly what attracts others and transcends your message beyond words.

How long this process takes is up to the individual's belief in themselves and the courage they have to share their light and message with the world.

Yes. It might be easy to hide behind a big brand like a State Farm or Century 21, but what happens when you change that brand (or that brand changes you)? You get leave your identity behind and start over. Yikes!

Stop hiding behind someone else's brand. Develop your own and you'll have an asset that will have your prospects more compelled to connect and one that nobody can ever take away from you.
Not at all. A brand will not have any affect on the backend regulations or systems of the platform you use.

Think of a personal brand as an umbrella that encompasses everything you do and creates a higher-level higher-authenticity message.

Every mission and business will then naturally fall into alignment with your personal brand, or will fall away. Either way, it's great news for success.
Of course. We offer PayPal Pay Later options. Please contact us to see what other options might be available.
Absolutely. Find a spot on the calendar at and bring all your questions!