It's time to shine!

I love lighthouses! Not just for what they do, but for what they don’t do.

They don’t chase ships in distress, begging them to come into shore.
They don’t leave VM after VM on the ships’ phones.
They don’t bribe the ships with a steak dinner.

Nope. They just stand there. But they stand for something.

They stand for safety, security, and shoreline. Everything those ships in distress need during the storm.

You are the lighthouse. Those ships in distress are your ideal clients. They’re capsizing, drowning, and they’re looking for you. For your light.

Is your light on? Or is it off, hazy, weak, or the wrong frequency?

What to expect working with me

☺ Ideation and Inspiration with each conversation, opening doors you never knew existed.
☺ A "What's Next?" attitude that refuses to let you get stuck in the past at the expense of your future.
☺ Accountability that goes both ways. We each are expected to do what we say we will do.
☺ A cheerleader chock full of wisdom, mental toughness, and empathy to pour belief into you when you need it most.
☺ Unbound patience while simultaneously creating a sense of urgency for results.
☺ You will leave each conversation operating at a higher level of energy, focus, and expectation.


⇓ Here's how we can work together ⇓



Personal Branding

A Done-For-You Concierge Program


Brand Manifesto

Clarity for you.  It is only with clarity that you can develop the confidence to shout your message from the rooftops and exude the conviction that magnetically compels people to sit down and feel you shine.

Compelling First Impression

No more tired scripts, borrowed labels, or cookie-cutter presentations. Let’s take your Brand Manifesto to the next level by making the best Compelling First Impression every time (1-on-1 or 1-on-10,000)

Signature Service

Stop commoditizing your value. Add your uniqueness (genius, talent, skill) to transform your service into something that can’t be duplicated.  And if you don’t have a defined service yet, what better time to create the right one!



Business First Impressions

An a-la-carte set of services


Not ready for a full brand quite yet? No worries.

Let’s focus on the business first impressions you’re already making and take them up a notch…or ten.  If you need to express it, we can create the messaging and brand assets so you can magnetically attract the right people.

Services include, but certainly not limited to, networking pitch, presentations, taglines, video scripts, website copy, LinkedIn/SM copy, and limericks. Yes, limericks.



Micro Brand Attraction

8-week live course for sales teams


Welcome to the most profitable MBA you’ll ever get.

If you’re selling someone else’s product, this program is designed for you. A Micro Brand gives you just the basics you need to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other reps in your company and industry – without all the stuff you don’t need.

This team program brings you specific skills in networking, presenting, and video creation – all within a framework of an improved mindset and an attitude that crushes any goal you set.  You already have the credibility behind you. Now put your likeability (and uniqueness) front and center.




Seminars and classes for large groups


Come in with an intention.
Make a new decision.
Leave with an action plan.
Stay accountable.

This is NOT your normal boring-ass seminar or workshop where everyone nods and smiles and then goes back to the same bad habits and impoverished mindsets.  For me, it’s about creating change BEFORE they leave and ensuring the change sticks long after.



DWY Consulting

Done-With-You actionable counsel


You can’t read the label when you’re inside the jar. Everyone needs counsel sometimes.

The good news is that a fresh perspective (one that’s not us) is often just the spark to set the imagination and motivation on fire.  Add in accountability, expertise, and wisdom, and there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish together.

These hours may be used for anything, from a course or program completion to specific copywriting and message creation to mindset and goal crushing.

 The only option you don't have is to do nothing.


“Before meeting Josh, I was struggling to get a grasp of my target message and within 15-20 minutes, I was convinced he was the person to take over my business for a few weeks and give me that clarity that was needed. And he delivered. Thanks to Josh, I have a [brand] manifesto that provides clarity about my brand, my target audience, and even about me as a coach. As an EQ coach, he demonstrated all the different elements required for someone to succeed. He’s fun, light-hearted and he will not put pressure…because there has to be a flow.”

– Deborah C. The Emotion Connector