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Do-It-Yourself and Done-With-You Programs


Brand Manifesto

What happens when you’re perfectly clear on exactly why you exist, why you get out of bed each day, and why you are bringing your value to the world?  Why, you develop the confidence to shout your message from the rooftops and the conviction that magnetically compels people into your sphere of influence.  The best news is that we don’t have to create it…just let it out.

Compelling First Impression

We’ve all been there.  Our ideal prospect asks us what we do and we respond with an ineffective and scripted answer.  They smile, nod, and excuse themselves to the bathroom.  No more. Take your Brand Manifesto to the next level by making the best Compelling First Impression every time (1-on-1 or 1-on-10,000) and raise your ROC – Return On Conversation.  The perfect way to grind less and profit more.

Signature Service

Everything can be monetized. It’s about creating the most value in the most unique way. For it’s the high-value rare items that always command the premium price. Time to stop treating your product/service like a commodity, and instead, add your uniqueness (genius, talent, skill) to transform it into something that can’t be duplicated.  And if you don’t have a service yet, what better time to create one!



Done-With-You Program


Masters of Business Attraction

Everything you weren’t taught in school.



Done-FOR-You Program


What’s it going to take to get it done?

Everything you weren’t taught in school.