How may I add value?

The question isn't IF we're going to win together, it's only HOW.

It takes but a basic understanding of energy to know that we're all in this together and that success is limitless. That's my approach. There is no selling, only sharing. The better you do, the better we all do.

If you enjoy wit, humor, sarcasm, and a punch-to-the-heart directness that comes from a deep love for humanity, then we're going to change the world together.

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Favorite Topics

Authentic Personal Brand, Sales and Humanity with Profit, Mindset, Goal Crushing, Killer Presentations, Money, Mental Toughness, Magnetic Business Attraction, The Freedom Equation.


In a world where dreams are crushed, souls are forgotten, and rust never sleeps, Josh Zepess (the Identity Archaeologist) is on a mission to ensure talented solopreneurs turn every business first impression into a second impression (where the sale happens!) by raising their ROC - Return on Conversation - so they can profit more without grinding more.

After decades on the corporate farm as a shy, introverted engineer, he realized that the cubicle could no longer contain him. So he escaped. It was a rocky road through entrepreneurship in the financial and gym industries until he finally stopped ignoring his genius. Now he plays in it, profitably, every day.

When he's not digging for business gold, he flies airplanes, brews beer, runs long-distance obstacle course races, and creates literary masterpieces.

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