There Are No Magic Words [Personal Brand Quickie For Sales And Marketing]


Bad news!  There are no magic words…

Just like there are no magic pills to get you in better shape, there are no magic words that can make people want to do business with you.

Yep, probably not what you want to hear from a brand ~ message ~ presentation ~ pitch expert, but it’s the truth.

Does that mean strip the scripts, leave the borrowed labels, and wash away the one-liners?  You bet.  They are more trouble than they’re worth, as we will see.


Falling Words –


“A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.”

-Emily Dickinson


All words start as a thought – or a packet of energy if you will.  We generate the thought and then energize it with speech.  In fact, it is the acoustic energy that carries the word from our vocal chords to the ear of the listener.

If we believe the words we speak, we place a higher quality and level of energy behind them (oftentimes subconsciously) and if we don’t truly believe what we’re saying, the energy is lower and “off” quality.

So, it’s not the word as much as it is the quality and level of energy behind it. This speaks to the purest definition of brand – the gut feeling a person gets the moment we or our business “walk into the room.”


How to treat indigestion


It now should be no surprise that buying fancy marketing gimmicks, techniques, scripts, and ploys rarely reproduce the same results of the promiser.

Sure, they may have made a million dollars with this formula, but perhaps it was their truth.  If so, the moment you speak their words, you’re lying.  And deep down, everyone knows it.

If you’re going to take a shortcut in business, your brand and message – a.k.a. the foundation of your entire client acquisition process – probably shouldn’t be the place.


Oprah says 'speak your truth.' But how is that different from 'the truth'?


The good news is…you can still find the RIGHT words.

These are the words that come from the depths of your truth and the conviction in your heart.

These are the words that move mountains when you’re on an unstoppable mission. 

These are the words that transfer every ounce of emotion and energy to the heart, soul, and mind of another person.

It’s what I call speaking human, the most powerful language in the world. 

The human language has no words, and therefore cannot tell a lie.  And because of that, it’s the most important client attraction tool you have…if you’re being open and honest…and the deadliest poison your business will drink if you’re being manipulative and salesy.


What can you do about it?

1.    Stop trying to sell on a business first impression. Just…stop.

2.    Get crystal clear on your brand core – purpose, mission, and vision.

3.    Lead with WHY you do instead of WHAT you do.


It’s time to bring humanity back to business.  Not only is it easier to be human, it’s also more profitable.

Shine on, champions, and meet you at the top.


Josh Zepess.

The Identity Archaeologist

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